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babysitting cream

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Are you a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog and is also interested about hentai games? If your answer is a resounding yes, Babysitting Cream will definitely suit you best! In this game, you play as your favorite game hero, Sonic. As you start the game, Vanilla Rabbit will ask you to babysit Cream. You don’t need to worry about a thing since Vanilla Rabbit will provide all your needs to ease the burdens of babysitting. So what is for you to gain by taking this job? Vanilla Rabbit promised great rewards for you when she comes back from her trip. She did not mention a thing as to what it is but it’s obvious that the reward is something you’ll surely love. Moreover, a week of bonding with Cream will surely result to a great experience.

Lively and Cartoonish game interface

Babysitting cream is a game parody featuring Sonic the Hedgehog characters. This game is designed for gamers aged 18+ yet its cartoonish graphics and overall interface made it more fun compared to conventional adult flash games.

Simple but appealing gameplay

Among the many things that attracted thousands of free online flash games enthusiasts to play Babysitting cream is the fact at it offers a handful of secrets and interesting features. It may look plain at first but once you get the hang of it, the story will slowly develop and provide you several sexy experiences with Cream. Your main goal in this game is make Cream happy and be able to undress her afterwards. Energy is required in everything that you’ll do with Cream but it can be reimbursed by either taking a shower or resting in Vanilla’s room. You can call Cream by clicking her image found at the top right-most area of the game screen. Calling her in varied locations will introduce new options and activities. You can move from one area after another by clicking the buttons below the main game screen. Having a naughty and fun-filled babysitting experience can never be this easy!

This game has tons of secrets so don’t hesitate to explore. Babysitting cream also offers varied endings and you can have the best ones even without doing something naughty to Cream. Babysitting Cream is a perfect game for men who want to fuel their imagination about sexy stuffs that might happen while babysitting a pretty girl.